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Alytus Music School was founded in 1957. This year, the 55th crop of students graduated from the school. In 2017 the school celebrate its 60th anniversary. Currently the school employs 50 full-time teachers all of whom are true professionals and experts in their field. The number of students studying in the school is 580. Their age fluctuates from 5 years of age to mature adults.

The students can choose from over 20 kinds of available musical instruments, including the classical (violin, grand piano), wind instruments (clarinet, trumpet, trombone, flute), folk (Lithuanian plucked string musical instrument called kanklės, reed pipes), modern instruments (electric piano, computer music), orchestras and choirs.

Back in 1997, Alytus Music School was the first institution in Lithuania to integrate children with developmental disorders, teach them the art of music and hold music therapy sessions.

The students of Alytus Music School constantly take part in international contests and win highly esteemed awards. This year 167 students have already become the winners of various international and national contests.

The school has 25 educational bands. One of the most famous school bands in the entire Lithuania is the Symphony Orchestra. Among approximately 100 music schools in Lithuania, this is the only regional music school which has a symphony orchestra. 85 students and alumni of Alytus Music School as well as its teachers have joined the Orchestra.

The music bands, solo performers and orchestras are constantly invited on various occasions to participate in the concerts and events held by Alytus City Municipality as well as in Alytus College, church, hospital, the nursing and aftercare center for the elderly and the children’s home.

Our international partners are:

  • Austria (Viena, Krems)
  • Belorus (Grodno)
  • Cyprus (Paphos)
  • Czeck Republic ( Ostrava)
  • Estonia (Pernu)
  • Finland (Helsinki)
  • Germany (Koln, Drezden)
  • Greece (Mitylini, Athens, Saloniki)
  • Hungary (Bukarest)
  • Italy (Crotone, Calabria, Roma, Naples, Potenza)
  • Latvia (Riga, Rezekne)
  • North Irland (London Derry)
  • Poland (Krakow, Suchovole, Suwalki, Punsk, Gyzicko)
  • Romania (Nysa)
  • Spain (Valadolid)
  • Sweden (Malme)
  • Turkey (Kutahya, Istanbul)
  • United Kingdom (Southampton)
  • USA (Rochester).