Seminar (2 days)

Institution responsible for qualification programme

Alytaus RŠPPPC, Margio 12, LT-62153 Alytus

Tel. 8~315 52969, 8~315 52208, Faksas 8~315 52969

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Qualification programme “Technological, emotional and linguistic literacy through music


Emotional literacy is highly developed in music teachers personality. The problem is technological literacy and linguistic literacy, because music teachers and adult educators are not experienced to use IT in their work. Foreign language (English) as common language for EU has to be developed in adult training as well.


To renew and develop IT, linguistic and emotional competences through music working with the adult trainers or music teachers.


  • To test and adapt artistic exercises created by project ERASMUS+ partners in Czech Republic, Cyprus, Greece and Lithuania;
  •  Do develop English language  and IT competences;
  •   Do develop social-emotional skills.

Content, hours


2016-05-25 (6 h.)

13.00-13.30 Registration. Questionnaire.

13.30-14.30 Artistic exercise  ,,Meter“ (Czech Republic). Theory, practice and reflection (written form).

14.30-15.30  Artistic exercise  ,,Rondo“ (Czech Republic). Theory, practice and reflection (written form).

15.30-16.30  Artistic exercise  ,,English alphabet“ (Greece). Theory, practice and reflection (written form).

16.30-16.45 Break

16.45-17.30 Artistic exercise  ,,Straws“ (Greece). Theory, practice and reflection (written form).

17.30-18.30 Discussion.

18.30-19.00 Questionnaire.

2016-05-26 ( 6 h.)

13.00-13.30  Registration. Questionnaire.

13.30-14.30. Artistic exercise  ,,Personal musical story“ (Cyprus). Theory, practice and reflection (written form).

14.30-15.30. Artistic exercise  ,,English words and emotions“ (Cyprus). Theory, practice and reflection (written form).

15.30-16.30. Artistic exercise  ,,I am a musical instrument“ (Lithuania). Theory, practice and reflection (written form).

16.30-17-30. Artistic exercise  ,,Men and Natures rhythm“ (Lithuania). Theory, practice and reflection (written form).

17.30-17.45. Break.

17.45-18.30. Artistic exercise ,,National identity and its symbols – flag and music” (Lithuania).

18.30-19.00 discussion, questionnaire

Time and place

2016 May 25-26 d. Alytus music school

Competences developed




Training methods

Tool for competence evaluation


Explain the methodology of interdisciplinary training and teaching;

Understands main principles of using IT in education. Knows (understands) simple English expressions

Lecture, discussion,   

Test, questionnaire, reflection


Demonstrate facilitation of individual and team learning opportunities that are aligned with music, IT and language.

 Playing, story telling, presentations, role play

Observation, questionnaire, reflection.

Values and attitudes  

 Recognize and respect the differences of others, react positively towards integrative methods in adult education

 Interview, discussions

Questionnaire, observation, reflection


Prof. dr. Aldona Vilkelienė, Alytus music school 

Dr. Ioannis Makris, To Ergastiri, Greece

Audronė Venckūnienė, Alytus music school 

Aneta Miliauskaitė, Alytus music school 

Sonata Bazevičienė, Alytus music school 

Daiva Grabauskienė, Alytus music school 

Antonina Pasaravičienė, Alytus music school 

Arūnas Ščetilnikovas, Alytus music school 

Arūnas Vaitkevičius, Alytus music school 

Eduardas Ingelevičius, Alytus Third age university

Participants: music teachers, adult trainers

Materials and tools

Methodical material, computer, distance education via Skype, Ipad, smartphone, musical instruments, paper, colourful pencils

How will you evaluate competencies

Test, questionnaire, observation, reflections

Leader of the programme  Aldona Vilkelienė